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What is it?

X-Remove is an innovative system patented by us here in Clevertek to ensure the best processing and is based on the principle of selecting and isolating the compound to be treated. The X-Remove machinery adapts to all customer needs to solve the entire range of problems detected on the wine: quercetin, pH, ethylphenol or acetic acid.

How does it work?

X-Remove is a highly innovative machinery that offers several solutions for the problems associated with wine. It is not invasive at all, since all we need to solve the problem is to change the selective membrane with an absorbent bed depending on the predefined oenological objective. The precision technology of the machinery ensures, complies with and preserves all the qualitative organoleptic characteristics of the wines.

If you are an oenologist or a cellar owner and your wine has some critical issues you need to find a solution for them as they risk to spoil the quality of the product by reducing its value, you must absolutely try X-Remove.

What does it solve?

1Wine is separated into two fractions, 80-90% Concentrate, 10-20% Permeate, by means of a membrane molecular filtration.

2Permeate, rich in the element to be treated, is sent onto an absorbent bed, capable of retaining or modifying the relevant compound.

3Treated permeate is reunited with the Concentrate that has undergone no type of process to return to the tank, creating a closed recirculation system and avoiding transfers to other tanks.

4Real time analytical and gustative monitoring until the oenological objective is achieved.

X-Remove effectively solves many of the problems associated with the quality of the wine, improving the organoleptic characteristics.

  •  pH lowering
  • Reduction of volatile phenols
  • Quercetin reduction
  • Reduction of volatile acidity
  • Treatment of oxidizable substances (Example Catechins)
  • Treatment of Pyrazine

X-Remove is a system to control the winemaking process with a view to obtaining wines of the highest quality.