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RS2-100 Resin System

RS2-100 Resin System

RS2-100 Resin System

Tartaric stability plays a key role in the preparation of wines.

We at Clevertek, in the specific case, based on the customer’s needs, have designed and built the RS2-100.

The aim is to remove potassium and calcium ions from the wine.

Normally, for a quality job we suggest always working on a nanofiltration permeate, avoiding as much as possible interactions with other compounds of the wine.

Here is the formula by which the resin carries out the exchange: (RESIN – H+) + K+ -> (RESIN – K+) + H+

Cationic resins exchange a hydrogen ion H+ with the cations present (K+, Ca++, Fe++, Cu++…etc.)

The final product will have a reduced quantity of cations while being rich in hydrogen ions.

The system envisages an automatic cleaning and regeneration mechanism.