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Why precision oenology?

We at Clevertek srl know how essential it is to show respect to the organoleptic properties of wines, and from the moment we are asked to intervene, we deploy actions capable of removing or eliminating some unwanted components, creating tools that are as least invasive as possible.

We guarantee the analytical result in all interventions, thanks to the precision work carried out directly on the problem. Because of his, after years of experience as a service company at cellars we have developed the X-Remove system.

We at Clevertek are the first Tuscan reality specialised in the construction of machinery and the offer of services dedicated to precision oenology.

Services to cellars​

Our 10 years of experience in services to cellars have allowed us to specialise, increasingly more and with increasing attention, in the field of selective filtration. We mainly operate in the winemaking sector through the offer of a plurality of services ranging from product treatment via the rental of our filtration systems to the construction of machinery devoted to specific treatments, from the refurbishment of old equipment to consultancies and sales of filtering media, membranes and resins. The advantage of working with us lies in the fact that we are capable of creating, designing and building ad hoc machines suited to every need and to the solution of the most diverse winemaking problems.


The work performed over twelve years on behalf of third parties in several Italian cellars and on every type of wines have led us to tackle an extremely wide range of problems that required different and targeted approaches. Over the years, in fact, we gained a very in-depth expertise in the subject, resulting in our current ability to guarantee to our customer base an extremely professional and performing service that is simultaneously accessible and cost effective. The experience on the field has accordingly enabled us to fine-tune our skills and thereby solve the most disparate problems that manifest on wines thanks to highly innovative and precision machinery.

Specialised Staff

Ours is a dynamic company: we constantly collaborate with oenologists, consultants, cellar and analysis lab technicians. We daily expand the range of services offered by exchanging skills with whoever happens to interact with us. We are passionate about innovation, we love challenges and we solve any type of wine-related problem during the fermentation and ageing phases. Our service company experiments and implements services to cellars, design and sale of machines.

Our goal: Your satisfaction!

We always place the customer at the centre of our work. Our main aim is to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the product, with an accurate and punctual after-sales service.